Freshly ground coffeeHi I'm David Burton, founder and chief roaster at Jack's Coffee.

The smell of freshly baked scones and muffins is too hard for me to resist; I love to eat them still warm out of the oven. They are just not the same the next day!

Coffee fresh from the roaster does it for me too.

Coffee's flavours are at their peak in the first weeks after being roasted.

I have often been asked .... "why can't I get that same fresh experience at home?"

The answer. When you purchase your coffee from a supermarket it is generally past its use by date. i.e. the flavours have gone!

As soon as the coffee is roasted it starts to deteriorate, the beautiful flavours diminish and the bitter characteristics become dominant as the weeks go by.

This process is accelerated when the coffee is ground.

At Jack's we roast, pack and send out within days of roasting. This ensures a fresh coffee for all our customers.

We also have a subscription program so that you can get your coffee automatically sent to you!  Easily changeable with time, date and what products you want.

Give it a try!

David Burton