Hi, I am David Burton from Jack's Coffee.

I created Jack’s Coffee so that you could get freshly roasted coffee and hot chocolate delivered directly to your door. 

Jack's Coffee Company is named after my father John Edward Ledgard Burton known as Jack. Dad shared with me his passion for coffee and tea, the buying, the tasting and the knowledge.

I could tell you more, but I thought it would be better coming from an article in Verve Magazine.

“If you have had a cup of coffee today, chances are that Aucklander David Burton has had a hand in bringing it to you.

Often referred to as one of the fathers of the New Zealand coffee industry he had a fair hand in the popularisation of coffee in Auckland in the early 90's.

While it was still a fledgling market, David and partners founded Burton Hollis, a company that would supply the hospitality industry with coffee beans for 16 years.

In his time David set up a veritable beverage empire, establishing brands that are still successful today including Columbus, Burton's, Gravity and Jed's just to name a few.

After selling Burton Hollis he pursued other projects such as judging the World Barista Championships in 2009 and 2010.

Today, David has tried his hand at business again, but this time he restarted from scratch.

Instead of the traditional model of processing and shelving the coffee for days, David roasts and deliveries to the customers door straight from the roaster.

The model hails back to the time when Kiwis knew where their food came from and the people who brought it to them - like the milkman.

"Delivering the coffee means that I can deliver my knowledge on how to brew at the same time and make sure that people are getting the most out of their drink" says David

"I want to bring back the ceremony to drinking coffee. To get great tasting coffee and really enjoy the brewing process. Just like cooking a meal, the process itself is part of the experience" 

Try it for yourself - you won't be disappointed!

David BurtonDavid Burton